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"The national anthem of Japan :: Hikube"


"The national anthem of Japan :: Hikube"is an application that can play the national anthem of Japan.

You can easily play the "Kimigayo" by touching the notes displayed on the screen.

Why don’t you cheer for London 2012 Olympic Games with this application!!

You can play the national anthem by touching on some notes on the screen in order.

Please choose your favorite sounds from the "Koto" "Piano," "Horn".

When performance went well, you can also hear the recording again.

The Olympic Games are a festival of sports every four years.

How about memorizing the national anthem of other countries at this opportunity?

By playing the national anthem, let’s create "KIZUNA"-friendship, not affected by the border nor the nation.

Now, let’s celebrate the players of the "Podium" with this application!


  1. A menu button has the following functions.
  2. By pressing the "Back" button the music ,will return to the beginning of the music.
  3. If the "Tone" button is pushed, a tone can be chosen from "piano","horn", and "koto".
  4. You can record the played national anthem by pressing the "Record" button.
  5. The music recorded can be listened, by pressing the "Replay" button.
  6. It can link to a version check and a developer site with the "About" button.

"HIKUBE" is a dialect of the Tohoku region of Japan ,meaning "Let’s play a musical instrument."

Japan has the word "SHIRABE" from ancient times ,also meaning "melody."

In this application is implied our sincere desire to cheer up the Tohoku region with music.

Part of the revenue obtained by this application will be donated to the people of the Great East Japan Earthquake region.


●OS support

Android OS2.2 or more

●Recent Changes

※"The national anthem of Japan :: Hikube ver1.0.0 "was released.